Additionally, OIA’s homes feature large windows and spacious terraces that overlook green areas and water features with private parking areas for each resident. OIA offers 3 distinct building types that allow future homeowners to choose the unit size they find most appealing and convenient. Every floor is home to only four apartments to give residents the privacy and seclusion they’re looking for. You can choose between an apartment, a ground floor garden-view apartment, or a rooftop penthouse that includes a large landscape that can be converted into a rooftop pool or garden.


The modern architecture at OIA speaks for itself, with comforting and aesthetic designs and a unique motif that seamlessly blends buildings, landscapes and water features. The buildings feature glass windows and sleek façades with palettes that complement the surrounding nature. The large glass walls promise every homeowner a panoramic view of the neighborhood, generously granting a welcoming vista. As for the color palette, the buildings at OIA glide between white and off-white tones to maintain a soft aesthetic appearance. Every corner and structure at OIA is indeed a pleasing sight for the eye within the scenic and peaceful surroundings. The architecture at OIA extends beyond the physical appearance of the buildings, creating a warm ambiance that trickles from the outside in. It starts from the natural material used in the modern design that infuses with the natural surroundings that dominate the community. Even the textures used are natural, ensuring that the modern infrastruc-ture does not intrude on nature, but rather blend seamlessly within it. At night, our ‘Strip Lighting Systems’ flood the entire development to project OIA’s mesmerizing architecture


We at Edge Holding understand that no two homeowners are the same. That’s why we’ve made sure that every home at OIA is unique. We’ve planned, designed and built our different units to suit individual needs and diverse dynamics. We’re committed to providing today’s homeown-ers with the ample spaces and modern luxuries they desire, with facilities that speak to the mind, body, and soul. At OIA, we found it necessary to develop smart and sustainable homes that deliver modern amenities to today’s tech-savvy millennials. Triple Play technology is available via satellite, meaning that every resident can stay connected by integrating their home’s smart systems, CCTV, Internet and Cable TV. OIA residents will also experience a greener and more balanced lifestyle with a myriad of sustainability features that are pivotal to the community. The vast green and blue landscapes are infused with solar panels to make the best use of year-round sun and ensure uninterrupt-ed power. Recycling bins are available throughout the development and water is reconditioned for irrigation. We haven’t forgotten about privacy and security, with the availability of 24-hour CCTV cameras, round-the-clock concierge services, and private underground parking for each unit.